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Posted 4:48 am, 09/25/2023

There ya go, Mo. Your special needs nut pills all explained real clear by the medz feller.


Posted 3:14 am, 09/25/2023

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Posted 8:48 pm, 12/22/2021

In this instance, I was referring to We the People's abuse at the hands of a corrupt government that has abandoned its only function which is to protect our God given rights enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The folks that cannot see where we are headed must truly be brain damaged.


Posted 8:00 pm, 12/22/2021

Well that came out of left field there, Pat. Were you referring to Snot, Killer, or Brandon/Fauci and the liberals? Or did you mean to start a new topic and name it after the dog?


Posted 6:51 pm, 12/22/2021

16. Bring me my dam liquor.


Posted 5:24 pm, 12/22/2021


1) Stop you from seeing friends and family.
2) Won't let you leave home without permission.
3) Tell you what to wear.
4) Monitor your phone, emails and social media.
5) Control finances, won't let you work.
6) Control what you read, watch and say.
7) Monitor everything you do.
8) Punish you for breaking rules that keep changing.
9) Tell you it's for your own good, they know better.
10) Don't allow you to question decisions.
11) Tell you you're crazy and no one agrees with you.
12) Call you names and shames you for being selfish.
13) Gaslight you, challenge your memory of events, make you doubt yourself.
14) Dismiss your opinions.
15) Play the victim when things go wrong. It's all your fault.


Posted 3:59 pm, 12/22/2021

You accusing me of another typo, Chuck?


Posted 3:41 pm, 12/22/2021

Are you calling fins women tramps or traps back wash?


Posted 3:19 pm, 12/22/2021

Snot, I hope that don't come back to bite you. There might come a day when you want fellers to let you off the hook for all the trap running you have done.


Posted 1:59 pm, 12/22/2021

Backwash, there's no changing the way stupid people vote. But I'm not going to let them off the hook for the lives they have destroyed and the people they have killed over the last two years, just so they can pretend it made them safer.


Posted 1:48 pm, 12/22/2021

The Prevailing Corona Nonsense Narrative


Posted 11:37 am, 12/22/2021

History is gone back wash as people like killer and piss ant have seen to that. Maybe the ghosts of all the statues will start haunting them.


Posted 10:19 am, 12/22/2021

All of you fellers suck at politicking. Just like potential customers will never buy anything from you if they have heard you insulted them, you can't get votes by name calling and making up crap, you dum deplorables. You fellers need to study real history so you can see how that works instead of the CRT mess they are trying to teach these days.


Posted 10:16 am, 12/22/2021

LOL. Right on buddy. Have fun being the largest loser to ever hail from Ashe County. You did it! I know it was a tough road to get to where you wanted and there are many great losers that you passed, but congratulations! You are a in fact an amazing loser!


Posted 9:46 am, 12/22/2021

Killer, I'll never be as big of a pile of excrement as you because I haven't demanded policies that doubled fentanyl deaths and killed children. You are a POS


Posted 9:13 am, 12/22/2021

You join that local organization that addresses those issues yet? The same issues that been there for over a decade? Or are you going to share another article about metaphorical masks and how that somehow is effecting youth?

You're a larger than life pile of cow turds, maybe even the biggest loser of all time. Your morning, "I am a real loser" hype up must have been a doozy this morning!

Keep trying champ.


Posted 9:03 am, 12/22/2021



Posted 9:01 am, 12/22/2021

I do my part, Killer, by voting against children killers like you. You hypocrites yell "we have to save the children!" But you really only want to make yourself feel safer.

Child mental health is in the trash, over dose deaths hit 100k, fentanyl and suicide the the top two causes of death for 18 to 45 y/o's. These are your fault, killer. These lives lay at your feet. You are the pile of rotting excrement, killer.


Posted 7:28 am, 12/22/2021

It's the risk you take these days. It is very frustrating.

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